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Joint Rite

1.875 lb. Pellets – Molasses-flavored, superior joint care. (read more)

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Sand Rite

10 lb. Pellets – Multi-active premium psyllium based digestive aid. (read more)


Hoof Rite 2X

10 lb., 20 lb. and 50 lb. Pellets – Same great product, now in a concentrated form. DOUBLE STRENGTH formula for hoof care. (read more)

10 lb. Pellets
(approx 75 day supply)
20 lb. Pellets
(approx 150 day supply)
50 lb. Pellets
(approx 375 day supply)


$139.90 $125.90

(10% Savings)

$298.95 $279.95

(20% Savings)

Oat & Aloe Wash

2 Qt Pack – Concentrated blend of Oatmeal & Aloe for a deep clean. (read more)

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1 Gal – Triple action formula for fast acting, effective fly control. (read more)

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