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Sand Rite

Short Description: 10 lb Pail (Pellets)
Sku: SR10
Weight: 10 lbs
$49.95 / ea


A multi-active premium psyllium seed husk that is designed to increase ration bulk. Flavoring has been added for palatability. May help reduce the possibility of digestive colic in horses. Sand Rite is available in an apple flavored pellet and supports the removal of sand. (view full label)


Active Ingredients per 60 grams
80% Psyllium Husk ………………………………………45,552 mg

Inactive Ingredients
Apple Flavor, Mineral Oil, Dried Molasses, Propionic Acid.

Feeding Instructions

Scoop (60 gram) enclosed.

For 1000 lb. Horse: 2 to 3 scoops per day for 7 consecutive days every month.

Give less to ponies, yearlings and foals; more to larger horses and draft breeds.

Fresh water should be available at all times.